Pixelcrafters and Full Stack approached us to help design assets for the opening reception for Grow Conf 2013. This was the fourth year for the conference and they were looking to take the opening reception party to the next level. The annual startup technology conference attracts 1200+ professionals ranging from Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, CEO's, and startup teams from across Canada and the United States. They wanted to channel the international hospitality houses of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and the branded parties of SXSW, to create first-of-its kind multi-venue event designed to showcase the best technology hubs from all over the world. Each regional house - Ontario, Vancouver, Island, and Atlantic - hosts a house filled with startups from their region. GrowConf attendees and Vancouver locals alike visit the houses, meet the startups, and vote for their favourites. "House Party @ Grow" was born and the event needed design assets for all attendees.

We met with the team and gathered some requirements:

Problems / Concerns:

After several brainstorm sessions with client we came up with a passport concept that would include details of the event, startups by venue, an easy to read map, and a passport stamp page. Guests would pickup passports at the Grow Conference after day 1 or when checking in at their first venue. To encourage guests to visit each house, we included a passport page to collect stamps for each house. When you visit a new house, the Grow Rep would stamp your passport and provide colour commentary on that particular house. Once you collect all 4 venue stamps, you could enter a contest to win a droid. Instead of a boring entry form, we included a profile page (just like a real passport) on the back page where guests could draw a quick mugshot and include contest entry details. Here's a a few snapshots from the final product:

Grow passport cover
Grow passport about Grow passport map page Grow passport ontario page Grow passport stamp page Grow passport contest entry page Grow passport cover rear Grow passport laying around Grow passport entry complete

We really enjoyed working on this project and the client was thrilled with the end result. Looking forward to next year!