cheeseburger ipsum

Here at Viral Foundry, we believe that when someone loves something they should proclaim that love to the world. We found an excuse to do just that with Cheeseburger Ipsum. Tired of filling website mock ups with boring Latin (which is a dead language for a reason, evidently) we thought we’d add a little meat to our copy with a luscious ode to the one thing that will never give us up, let us down, run around, or desert us. Cheeseburgers.

With a subject in mind and a desire to make the internet life a little more juicy for the designers and marketing teams out there, we created our Cheeseburger Ipsum. Just like any good burger joint, you can customize your order by number of cheeseburgers and number of patties. Now you can pay homage to the thick slab of meat that is your true love wherever you need an ipsum. Whether it’s grilled or fried, fast food or gourmet, it’s always a work of art and forever deserving of endless superlatives. Do your part and use it everywhere.

Still haven’t gotten your fill of cheeseburgers? The Cheeseburger store has merch that will demonstrate your love when words are not enough. Your MacBook is a good start.

Go ahead, put a cheeseburger in your ipsum.